How I learnt to procrastinate on Procrastination

We’ve all been there. Delaying our most important tasks so much that we start to dread our very existence.

Since habits are the building blocks of your building of life, the habit of procrastination has the power to destroy that building and burn you to the ground.

Sorry for creating a rather horrific image, but that’s the truth.

Here’s how you can learn if the habits you developed are gambits or bandits.

Why is procrastination the killer of all success

Let’s face it! Procrastination is fun! When you know that you got a whole fortnight till you have to turn that assignment in, you tend to relax, watch a couple of movies and do a lot of other stuff.


What you don’t realize is that all the time you think you have is not actually guaranteed. You may fall ill or you may have to do something unexpected that sucks out a lot of your time. At the end of all this, you find yourself having little or no time to complete that assignment of yours for which you had a whole two weeks to work on.

Procrastination deteriorates the quality of your life. Unless you understand that, you can’t change this habit of yours.

Just imagine how much you could achieve, if you could just get your tasks done on time on a daily basis. You can live the life of your dreams if you simply develop anti-procrastination habits. All other skills are learnable if you can make yourself work consistently according to your plans.


Time and tide waits for no man!


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2 Teeny-Tiny Habits For You to Stay in Love

So if you just got a new crush, then you are like me (the me 10 months ago). It’s a great feeling to hang out with your crush, and when he/she finally says yes, it’s an unparalleled emotion.

I had asked my crush out just like 2 months after we met, and she was quite taken aback initially and she started to play the rather irritating, cliched friend zone trick but after a couple of months, thanks to my persistent nagging and chivalry 😉 she said yes.

Fast forwarding 5 months into the future, now the heat is gone. I’m still pretty much in love with her, I still wanna marry her and spend the rest of my life with her. But I’m having thoughts such as me probably falling out of love. My girlfriend doesn’t know that I run this blog, she’ll probably start a rant if she comes across this lol.

I did a lot of research and even asked a few people how they manage to stay in love after the initial “burning” phase.


Couple in love

     Love is not a feeling, but a choice you that you make everyday.

This is what I found out:

And P.S: if you are still in the friend zone, keep going at it! Nothing comes off as more attractive than your determination and stubbornness to convince your crush that you’re the one.

  • Focus on the positives

Yes, this sounds pretty mundane, but trust me, this is one of the easiest, yet most overlooked technique.

Keep reminding yourself of why you fell in love with your SO in the first place. Keep reminding yourself that.

My girlfriend would do anything to help anyone in need, she would sacrifice so much, so there you go! That’s one of the many things about her that I keep reminding myself when things get tough.

Instead of thinking, “Oh man! She always argues with me!”, I think “this is just a phase, it’ll pass. I love her helping tendency and I wanna be with her always, ain’t gonna let some petty argument separate us”.

Here’s an ultra-easy way to create habits.

  • Empathize

I just can’t seem to stress enough about the importance of this point. The ability to identify what unique situation your partner is in at a given point of time is an instrumental skill for staying in love.

There are days when my muffin would scream at me for actually no apparent reason. I could scream back at her, but I try to understand what is going on in her head.

I wrote an article about how empathy helps you say the right things.

This is why habits are so important in your life.

Try to get into their heads, people! You know your lover better than anyone, so try to find out what your better half is going through and comprehend why he/she is reacting in a certain way.

After doing so, you are in a position to even help them out and make their day better.

There are tons of other ways to stay in love, but I found these two to be super effective, and this is a start for you to appreciate your love, and to take nothing for granted.

Learn how I broke an addiction quite easily.



How to Always Say The Right Things

I suck (at least I used to)  when it came to saying the right things to anyone.

I think of something and subconsciously utter something that adds absolutely no value to my conversation. The stupid stuff I say has many times even put my relationship in jeopardy.

Words matter. Pens really are mightier than swords.  One bad comment, one miscued remark can change the complexion of any relationship.

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