4 Incredibly Easy Ways You Can Make Your Parents Happy3 minutes read

How do you think your parents converse with each other about you when you’re not around? Do you think it genuinely brings a smile to their faces when they ponder about you?

Many times, our intentions are right. You really do want to make your parents happy. But the sad truth is that nothing happens unless you put in some effort. My head would always be clouded with these, “Only if they understood…..” or “Why can’t they think from my perspective” complaints.

Dad and child

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Here’s the bottom line: your mom bore you for 10 months in her womb and sacrificed more than you can imagine. Your dad must have definitely worked his ass off to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you weren’t blessed with parents, reach out to someone, anyone who helped you when you were a kid. Our lives are quite fragile. Give your parents or foster parents or that “angel in disguise” the love they deserve.

Here are 4 habits you can implement to make your parents happy. (#4 is our favorite)

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  1. Listening equals joy

    Do your best to listen as much as possible to what your parents have to say. Don’t interrupt unless absolutely necessary. Even if you don’t plan on doing what they say, let them talk. Parents get this unprecedented happiness from speaking of their experience.

    Pay them the courtesy of acknowledging the stuff they say. The occasional nod of the head or saying “hmm” makes them feel special.

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  2. Empathy Generates Happiness

    If you were in your parents’ shoes, would you be happy with the way your kid treats you?

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    Appreciate them for their efforts. Appreciate mom for her cooking or dad for his fishing skills.

    If you don’t agree with what your parents say, don’t argue. Be polite and try to convey your message in a gentle manner. These little changes to the way you craft and deliver your words have the potential to make your parents super happy. Therefore, your parents feel respected and this leads to happiness.

  3. Make Time For Them

    If you’re still staying with your parents, make it a point to spend at least 10-15 minutes every day with them: could be anything. Ask them how their day went or what they plan for Christmas.

    If you’re away, call them regularly, at least once a week. Message them a “Good morning” and “Goodnight”. Consequently, this lets them know that you’ve been thinking about them. Surprise them with gifts or cook a meal for them.

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  4. Relive Memories

Try to create a deja vu moment. Take your parents to the same park or restaurant your parents took you to back in the day.

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To make things more interesting, impersonate your siblings or even your parents when they exhibited certain “memorable” traits. As a result, rolling back the time makes your parents happy.

So, those were 4 super simple ways to make your parents happy. Remember, they deserve it.

To summarise:


Summary of how to make your parents happy.

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If you have any other ways to make your parents happy, do let us know 🙂

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