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Encourage :

[en-kur-ij, –kuhr-]


The act of making people feel that they can turn things around however pressing life seems to be.

I’m certain that everyone has got memories of good days and not so good ones.  I remember days when my girlfriend screamed at me or when nothing seemed to be going my way. You won’t believe me but merely a good remark from a bystander or pedestrian is enough to make your day. In fact, encouraging words, however few they may be can turn your worst days into good ones. Therefore, Encouragement is hidden in the simplest of ways.

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Just imagine if we lived in a world where everybody strived to encourage their neighbors. What a wonderful world it would be! Although a change of such magnitude is unimaginable, you can initiate that change. Change starts with you.

Your words have the power to lighten up anybody's day. Tap into that power. Consequently, the world will change slowly but surely. tell a friend

Pay it forward by implementing these 4 habits.


Something extremely mild like, “Hey, how was your day” has the potential to make someone’s day. If you notice that a certain somebody is gloomy, whoever it may be, go ahead and ask them why they are feeling that way. The idea is to make them feel that you’re concerned about them. Don’t come off as over concerning lest that makes you look like a maniac.

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Present a Solution

Cite a related personal experience about how you tackled a situation similar to the one your discouraged friend is in. if you know this person well, point out how he/she handled things in the past. As a result, you’re telling them that, “Hey, it’s not that difficult, you can do this.”

In addition to that, you could create them a checklist of tasks that they could carry out to gain better results. Many times, the lack of a plan is what frustrates us. If you could make them an escape plan, that would take the load off of them. Hence, they are greeted with relief and something much more powerful: hope.

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Offer Help

Nothing matches the level of encouragement provided by offering help. By offering a helping hand, you’re essentially saying, “Hey let me share a bit of your burden.” This motivates people more than anything.

Think of something helpful and make time to help them with that.

The magnitude of help you’re offering doesn’t matter. However mundane the suggestion may be, it helps your listener feel relaxed and think a bit clearer.

Moreover, if you happen to know someone who might be able to help them, refer them to that person. This again ignites hope. Whatever you do, do not pass negative comments. More often than not, our exclamations such as, “Oh my God” are totally unintentional but come off as discouraging and hurtful.

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Stay in Touch

Something as small as a WhatsApp message once a week does wonder. If you can, ring them up and ask them how they’re doing. Let them know that they matter to you and that they aren’t alone.

At the end of their busy schedules, the fact that you made time for them will resonate with them. This alone is a great form of encouragement. As a result, their state of mind improves and this helps them perform better at everything.

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A technique I really like is to tag my friends in relevant posts. If a friend of mine is working on a start-up, tagging him in an inspirational entrepreneurial post might encourage him. This is a good way to restart a conversation with anyone. Once he/she comments on your post, you can message them words of encouragement.

So those are 5 implementable habits on how to encourage someone. Trust me, the world needs all the encouragement you can offer.

Summary: How to encourage someone


Do you have any other interesting ways to encourage your peers? If you do, let us know 🙂

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