Everything You Need To Know About Habits In a Nutshell4 minutes read

No, it isn’t heroin, lol! But it’s habits.

Hey, awesome peeps. If you are reading this post, then you really want to change your life and that’s awesome!

The real secret to changing your life is <drum roll> changing your habits.

Now if you are like most people, you are probably thinking “Meh, that ain’t rocket science, everybody knows that.”

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Someone famous once said that habits are the building blocks of life. Imagine your life to be a construction site. To put things into perspective, it’s your habits which determine what comes up in your plot of land, a two story run-down building or a skyscraper. That’s the power of habits. They can make you or break you.

Changing your habits is the shortest and most guaranteed step to a richer, healthier and a happier life.

Here’s an ultra-easy way to create habits.

How are habits formed

I’ll do my best to avoid unnecessary technical jargon, you don’t need to know which part of your brain does what when habit formation takes place. You simply need to know how habits work.

Brian Tracy in his bestseller, Eat That frog says that habits are simply byproducts of actions and decisions you make on a daily basis. Think about it, do you always pull your car out of the garage the same way you did when you got behind the wheel for the first time? Or do you always learn to brush and intricately feel the bristles of your toothbrush graze against your teeth? No you don’t coz they are habits, and they happen automatically or with very little effort.

When you do the same thing over and over again, this leaves certain marks on your subconscious. This simply means that your brain has “learnt” to do something.

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Why are habits formed?

The real reasons habits are even formed in the first place is to conserve brain power. If your brain has to spend all its energy on learning how to brush or tie your laces, you won’t have enough energy left to carry out other important tasks. So, I guess it would be fair to call habit formation as an evolutionary feature.

Here’s how you can learn if the habits you developed are gambits or bandits.

Habits vs Addictions

Several explanations stating out the nuances of the two terms flood the internet. But I feel that addictions are basically habits which drive your emotions.

You can’t get addicted to brushing your teeth (seems funny to think about 🙂 ) but you can get addicted to alcohol. That’s because after prolonged consumption of alcohol on a regular basis if you fail to have alcohol, you can experience withdrawal symptoms or a feeling of irritation.

Moreover, if you have this strong feeling or craving that you have to do something be it smoke pot or get a shot of heroin, to feel a certain way (high), then that behavior is an addiction.

In a nutshell, they are all habits which don’t quite improve the quality of your life.

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Why change habits?

Alright, I’m extremely thankful that you are still reading this post amidst all the facts and information.

When you want to achieve something great in life, motivation plays a crucial role. Motivation dictates a huge chunk of my life too. One day I might feel pumped up to hit the gym and give it my all, the next day I could very well battle myself in trying to get my feet off the couch.

When motivation dies out, habits kick in.

So I’m gonna do my best to change my habits today to change my life ASAP coz I’m tired of the stupid, shitty life I’ve been living.

It’s what you do when you don’t feel motivated, that creates your destiny.

Anybody can work out or study when motivated, but the ones who can get themselves to work even when the fuel of motivation is running low are the ones who succeed and change the world.

Last bit of advice

Don’t try to change your habits all at once. You can’t. But with small, structured steps, you can change your life and motivate others to do so in the process as well.

Note that I use the words life and habits interchangeably because your habits determine the kind of life you live.

If this post sparked something in you, do leave a comment or even reach out to me. I would love to answer all your questions.


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