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We’ve all been there. Eating when we’re hungry, and eating when we are not so hungry. Well, the latter is not that good.

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Binge eating happens for various reasons. Mostly it’s because people formerly developed bad eating habits. Later emerged this feeling of captivity: something like, “I feel like myself only if I wipe out the ice cream box.” As a result, a vicious cycle of guilt is created and recreated. Guilt is a catalyst for more binge eating.

Binge-eating fries

Many times, people blame themselves and the environment for their binge eating. They seldom ponder upon how changing habits can help in overcoming binge eating forever.

If you’re like me and find it extremely difficult to get yourself out of your bed in the mornings, here are four simple habits that help you rock your mornings.

Here are 5 easy to implement habits for overcoming binge eating:

  • What’s Your why

Although you know that binge eating is terrible, some part of you will continue to like binge eating. You must set a clear purpose regarding why you’re hell-bent on overcoming your binge eating. Is it because you want to look attractive or that you want to lead a healthy lifestyle?

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Whatever it is, think on paper. Clearly, define what will happen upon overcoming binge eating. Furthermore, determine what the consequences of resorting back to old eating habits are.

There are times when you might forget why you must put in all that effort. As a result, defining your purpose keeps you on track.

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Remind yourself regularly about the benefits of overcoming binge eating. Consequently, this simple habit of connecting with your purpose musters the willpower you need to go the extra mile.

  • Create a Plan

Charles Duhigg in his book, “The Power Of Habit” talks about how every habit has three components.

  • A cue
  • A routine
  • A reward

Find out what your cue is. Do you engage in binge eating when your spouse scolds you or when your kid misbehaves?

The routine is the very act of binge eating. The reward is what you feel as a result of binge eating. This is a bit tricky because you must find out what craving is being fulfilled by this habit of yours. Maybe the binge eating takes your mind off of the stress at home or work. Remember that your reward is seldom the taste of food, it’s probably merely a sense of escape from other pressing areas in your life. As a result, if you can deal with that stress, you won’t feel the urge to eat mindlessly.

To change this habit, keep the cue and the reward the same while replacing your routine. Try some meditation. That will help you de-stress. Your alternative routine varies depending on your reward.

You must experiment with different routines and confirm whether a particular routine satisfies your craving. Try something new when you would usually give into binge eating. In 15 minutes, ask yourself if you feel like overeating. If you don’t, you have the perfect alternate routine. If you haven’t, keep trying. You’ll reach there.

Now, be wary of your cues, and when the urge to overeat strikes you, simply carry out the newly designed routine. You won’t feel like overeating once you’re well into your routine.

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Here’s the good news! Your brain can learn anything you teach it. Simply teach it to do something new on cue, and you’ll be very much on your way to overcoming binge eating.

  • Replace, Don’t Remove

Removing certain food items from your diet seldom does the trick. You will only get frustrated to the point where you end up eating more. Find a healthier alternative. Remember, overcoming binge eating doesn’t have to be bland. Instead, something tasty, albeit healthier as an alternative.

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  • Your Weight is Just a Number

Don’t let your weight determine your self-worth. If you’re overweight, think about how you can shed off those extra pounds. Think about how people will react when they look at the new you. Hence, you focus on the result you want and not on your problem.

Treat your binge eating problem simply as another bad habit. Do your best to change your habit using step#2. Don’t weigh yourself often. Do it only once in a while. As a result, you start assessing yourself on parameters other than weight.

Celebrate small victories. You haven’t had soda in a week? That’s awesome, you just won! Don’t let what others think of you tamper the way you feel about yourself. Therefore, you live for yourself, and you want to lose weight for you and not them.

You’re a masterpiece. Just change your habits, and you will conquer the world.

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  • Choose Your Gang Wisely

You need to surround yourself with people who share the same desire to overcome this habit because the company you have plays a crucial role in overcoming binge eating.

Join online forums, and connect with those who are serious, just like you. Compete with each other, maintain scores or download apps which allow you to record your victories. Hence, the concept of points can add extra motivation to your journey. Habit Tracker and HabbitMaker are apps you must check out.

Binge eating may lead to a health condition called bulimia which is an extreme version of uncontrollable eating. If you’re bulimic, that’s alright, remember it’s just another bad habit like snoozing the alarm clock. You have the ability to change your habits, do your best starting from today.

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To summarize:

Summary: Overcoming binge eating
Take a printout and stick it on your kitchen cabinet!

The real battle is in your mind. Set a clear purpose, draft a plan, replace food items, increase your self-esteem, and choose your company shrewdly. That will help you get back on track in no time at all.

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