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Hey there, winners! You’re reading this post because you want to change your life. Thus, you’ve won in taking the first step, AWESOME!

When it comes to changing your habits, it’s crucial that you understand the difference between good and bad habits.

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Why do we develop bad habits or bandits?

It hit me like a meteorite one day. One fine day, I woke up feeling groggy and unhappy with a frown just thinking how on earth I can change my life and be genuinely happy with the results I get.

While I spent the rest of that day wondering why I keep resorting back to my old habits of procrastination and pornography, I realized that our brains inherently don’t know what is good or bad. At times, I wish that evolution which has provided us with so many enhanced features, could help us make judgments about what’s beneficial or wasteful for us, but sadly that’s not the case!

Here’s how I broke my pornographic addiction quite easily actually.

Our brains believe us! Haha, that’s true, if you feel something is right or useful, and indulge in an activity for long, your mind will habitualize that task, irrespective of the quality of that behavior.

So if you are stuck with bad habits, quit blaming your environment or your peers. They play a role too, but the ultimate culprit is your judgment.

Don’t fret! In a couple of minutes, you can “install” a new judgment software in your brain and make better decisions.

Learn why habits are so important to us.

How to determine if your habits are good or bad?

If your habits help improve the four pillars of life: health, wealth, love and happiness; then your habits are good as they enhance the quality of your life.

By analyzing and retrospecting your habits, you can determine all the bad and good habits which run your life.

I like to call good habits as your gambits and the not so good ones as bandits 🙂

Here’s an ultra-simple way to create all the habits you want.

Change your thought process

The toughest barricade I had to cross in my quest of habit change was merely convincing myself that all this effort was worth my time and energy.

The best way to convince yourself that habit change is indeed worthy is just accepting that if you want to change your life ASAP, you must cultivate and replace habits now. Not tomorrow or next week or from the new year, but right from this moment on.

I like to think of life as a stream of moments. You have an expiry date, and every passing second takes you closer to your death. So, the sooner you master the habit game, the faster you can attain happiness, and this means you can live the life you want for a longer time.

Write out this quote and stick it on a wall or something for the purpose to work on habit change.

Quote on importance of good habits

Remember this:

Habit change ASAP = Life change ASAP = Happiness ASAP.

This simple time-based motivation has helped me put in lots of effort into learning and trying out new things which I would typically procrastinate on forever.

It would be absolutely amazing to hear from you guys. I’m no habit guru, I’m learning new gimmicks every day myself. I’ll do my best to make sure you can change your lives ASAP because you deserve nothing but the best.



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