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That’s the number of seconds you got in a week.

Sounds like a lot, but believe me: I always wish I had more time to cram in my homework, essays and endless assignments.




I always felt that it’s either good grades or an enjoyable, social life. You can’t have both.

But if you are like me, and want to score more without compromising on having fun, this article’s for you!

Here’s how you can find out if your habits are gambits or bandits.

By developing good study habits, you can study more in less time and party for the rest of your time.

Habits run your life. Learn about how you can develop any habit you want.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite and super useful study habits for you to learn quicker.


  1.  Take Notes Inside and Outside The Classroom:I Can’t stress enough about the essence of note-taking. When you take handwritten notes, it stimulates your mind, and you start learning subconsciously. What your professor teaches in class: that’s what’s most important to study. Of course, you can study from textbooks later, but your professor presents information, not from one book but a myriad of lectures, notes, and publications. It’s a pretty valuable source of information. As a result, you can learn more efficiently from your class notes than from a textbook.

    The note-taking technique that worked for me:

    I carry a rough notebook to class and jot down everything the professor says. I use acronyms when possible, draw shabbily and my grammar isn’t always right.

    Later, when I’m home, I take out another notebook and write out all I learned in class that day in a neat and organized manner. This time around, I write without seeing the original draft. I try to force myself to remember what I was taught, and write down concepts in my own words. This way, I understand the ideas more thoroughly. Moreover, when I do this consistently, I never allow portions to accumulate. As a result, I don’t get stressed out when test week is around the corner.

    Also, when you look at your notes in the distant future, they will make more sense to you than any textbook because your brain recognizes your work better than anybody else’s.

    This way, you can spend way lesser time revising and manage to score more.

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  2. Teach yourself the same stuff differently

    As soon as I’m done skimming through my notes or a textbook, I watch a YouTube video relevant to my course. This helps me understand various levels of the ideas I just came across.

    What you study from a mere text, is just the surface of any concept. To enhance the perception of all dimensions of an idea, you must seek other sources.

    Search for a Khan Academy video.Look for articles on the internet.Read someone else’s notes.

    When you develop the habit of trying to peel off the layers of any concept and understand wholly, you’ll score way more easily. Consequently, learning becomes fun and easy. As a result, you begin to study less, yet score more.


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  3. Teach your peers

    When you set out to teach someone what you just learned, you’re ingraining that theory deep into your head. When you attempt to craft the notion in a way that your friend understands, you are in fact teaching yourself new things.

    Whatever you learn this week, teach it to one of your friends. You’ll experience what I’m talking about.

    Moreover, teaching your peers also helps you win some points on a  social level.

  4. Revise

Revision is the penultimate tool to shift all that you learned to your long-term memory. Revise often, preferably during the weekends. If you manage to take notes properly, a revision will merely be flicking through pages you’re already familiar with.

As a result, you spend way lesser time studying before a test and score more on your tests.

Those are my 4 most effective habits that made all the difference in my grades.

If you have any more habits to add, do comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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4 Replies to “Study Less and Score More by Implementing These 4 Habits4 minutes read

  1. These are really great studying techniques. Sometimes we cram everything in for the exam and don’t really absorb the information. I feel these techniques are a great way to ensure that the information you are studying stays with you for the long term.

  2. During my college days only few who were genuinely taught others of what they’ve learned 😂😂😂 but this is such a good folks should read this one.

  3. When I was in school, I had a friend that I always studied with. He learned by answering questions and I learned by asking questions and hearing the response. It was the perfect match! People thought we were crazy but we always did really well. I also think note-taking is really important – textbooks aren’t always the best to learn from. If it were that simple, we wouldn’t need teachers! 🙂

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